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VeRA, Jane and Thumper – An adventure Part 2

jane and vera-8631So if you have had the patient to read through part 1 of my adventure then you might be wondering what on earth happened in part 2. Well this is it and it got a whole lot more crazy and fun! I’d spent the week recovering from the madness and emotion of the 7th September and my day in East Kirkby Lincolnshire when Steve, mentioned in the last post asked me if I wanted to go to the next 3 Lancs event on the 14th! This was the rescheduled event from the event on the 2nd when the two Lancaster’s couldn’t fly.   I damn near bit his hand off. Continue reading

VeRA, Thumper and Jane – An adventure Part 1

Who the hell are VeRA, Thumper and Jane? Good question. A lot of people don’t know and when I explain to them they don’t always care. I do and I have the best 4 weeks of my life. Let me tell you why.

Wings and wheels day 1-5756-2My great grandfather was an Aircraftman second class. You can read about his life here. To cut a long story short amongst his roles in the RAF he spent a short time working as ground crew and got to work on Lancaster Bombers. I always knew there had to be a reason why I was so addicted to this aircraft and a reason for travelling the length and breadth of the country to see ‘Thumper’ fly with the BBMF during airshow season. Continue reading